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3DS Flash Card rom hackedWhat Should be Expected from the Flash Card of the Nintendo 3DS?

Nintendo NDS, DS Lite and even DSi consoles were hacked within weeks after their release, but 3DS may not be so easy to crack as Nintendo is taking some more serious percussions this time - or that is what they claim to be doing. The most appropriate Flash Card for hacking the 3DS regardless if that would be the R3D Gold, the SuperCard DSTREE, the AceKard 3DS, or the R4 3DS, aside from allowing you to play the 3DS roms - copies that are said to be backup copies of the games for the Nintendo 3DS will also have to be equipped with backward compatible cartridge with those of the NDS, the XL, as well as for the DS Lite and the DSi. Through this blank 3DS cartridge, it will now be possible for players to play downloaded games, run any homebrewed applications, and even play any media file straight from the game card’s Slot-1 on the Nintendo 3DS.

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With use of updates through the Wi-Fi, the 3DS games as well as the Ware titles for the 3DS will have full compatibility and alongside this will allow backward compatibility with the NDS roms as well as with the DSiWare. This will also help players get updates for games and the database for the cheat codes.R4 3DS N3 card

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The game Nintendogs+cats have definitely captured the hearts of players because of the cute beagle that can be adopted. When you play with the Frisbee, it would seem as if it pops out of the screen and will be held by your canine friend, and aside from that, it almost looks possible for you to feel the paw of the dog that you are playing with.